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azenui deltine offers for sale a dog after the cancellation, in case of interest contact me on email (
born . 3.12.2021
This beautiful and very handy dog ​​is still waiting for its owner, he was reserved, but the reservation was canceled due to personal reasons of buyers.
The dog is nicely built, compact with a beautiful head, dark eye and a nice clean tan. He is friendly, contact, timid, with an excellent predatory instinct, excellently socialized. They are already learning basic hygiene habits, they walk on a leash, they can live in a kennel (all in proportion to their age). It is very suitable for sports cynology, but also other dog sports and activities. At the same time he has a very interesting quality pedigree, ie excellent preconditions for breeding.
He has complete deciduous teeth, scissor bite, both testicles descended ....
Father: GYLIANO VON DER SCHWARZEN GARDE (Vasko del Pais Baviera x Alina vd Schwarzen Garde)
HD-A, vWD N / N, negative, PHTVL / PHPV free, DCM free (ECG + 24h Holter April-2020, May 2021), Dilution D / D
Dam: ANDĚLKA ABIGAIL ALARY ASLAR (Colt v. Hermanns Hanten x Juliette Josephine Alary Aslar)
excellent, CAJC, CAC, res. CAC, Club Winner
BH-VT, IGP1, IGP2 (100,89,91), FPr3 (96), ZM, ZVV1
HDA, ED0, vWD N / N, Dilute DD, Doppler 2021 neg.
Please only serious interested parties, types of phone calls and e-mails "for how much and from where" and there is no interest in anything else, often such a person has a problem greeting and signing in the e-mail - they do not matter... {}
Cena: 16 000
Číslo inzerátu 120710


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